Ceez Neckmusik aka Ceezy , Neckmusik Ceez or jus Ceez has been the long overlooked buzzing producer in the DMV area. Born in Washington DC, Ceez Neckmusik has made a name for himself by combining smooth jazz & hardcore trap beats to make a sound known as “Neckmusik”. Accompanied by artist Cola G , Ceez released several underground mixtapes before eventually working with notable artist such as Wale, STALLEY, Black Cobain, ASAP ANT, Lulu P, MILF , Marcy Mane & many more .
Ceez also produces all his in house projects for artist such as Cola G , Pak , phlegm, Iodine P, Young Mxnace & more .



Cola G; Jazz rap / Rap / Hardcore rap artist from Washington, DC. Cola G began his career with the rap group CBC /LifeAt War. With LAW Cola G collaborated with artist such as DP don't Play and Cool Doobie to release several underground projects in the early 2000's. One the most notable songs from that era is "Henny out da bottle". At splitting ways in 2007. Cola G and Ceezy developed a new sound combining smooth jazz and hardcore, bass heavy rap to make a new sound they called "NeckMusik". Together the duo release several mixtapes on free streaming sites such as datpiff and livemixtapes. Later in 2013 NeckMusik release their first album Workaholics, following that project with NFYB. Presently the 2 work on production for other up coming artist and have several new releases on the horizon



Iodine P; Neckmusik Artist Iodine P., best known for his Singles 'Starfox 64' and 'Honey Glazed' hails from Montgomery Village and Upper Marlboro Maryland. His longtime friend Black Moses introduced him to Ceezy in 2013, and they released their first Mixtape 'The Pimp's Nephew', and Lobster Pasta in 2017.
In 2018, he released 'Cover In Bitches' with Cola G. In Early 2020 Iodine P. And Ceezy released 'Captain Save Her Mouf'.